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L is for Living

Live every day to your fullest.

We’ve all probably seen, read, heard, and said that quote at least once in our lives. Yet how many of us live it and breathe it? How many of us even take one step in its direction? How many of us are truly capable of living each and every day to it’s maximum potential? Cause some days I bust my bum and still don’t feel like I’ve gained any ground…Sometimes I question if I’m just a hamster running on a wheel. I’m going to be in fantastic shape, but is it really getting me anywhere? What the hell am I doing with my life? Am I truly happy? If I literally was to die within the hour, would I be proud of myself and the decisions I’ve made, and the accomplishments I had achieved, or would I wish I had done more?

I have to gulp when I think about answering that. Because of course I don’t feel as though I’ve done enough yet. I’m only 29. There’s still a lot of life before me, God willing. Plain and simple, I’d be a little bit pissed if I died I think.

And that realization got me wondering…If I would be mad, at the fact that I had died, what could I be doing differently each day to make sure that if and when my time does arrive, I’m 100% okay with that…or as close as any of us can ultimately be with the acceptance of oneself dying.

So I started questioning what constitutes a full life? Is there a checklist provided somewhere that explains all the things we need to learn or experience to complete this life fulfillment goal? Is it a standard definition, or does each individual have their own unique combinations of life experiences to gain in order for their fulfillment to be achieved?

I like to think the latter. That we are able to customize our terms of what it means to live our lives to the fullest. We all have different wants and different needs. What someone yearns for in a relationship, may be something someone despises about in another. We are not a ‘One Size Fit’s All’. We are not all built the same. Therefore, there can’t just be a blanket solution to figure out how to achieve ultimate fulfillment. But there probably is some type of process that you can use to determine what brings happiness, joy, and gratitude to your life.

I feel that the hardest part of this entire equation is simply identifying the variables. The X’s and Y’s, or rather the ‘what makes you happy’ factors. Is it really as simple as writing a list of things that make you happy? No. I wish it was. But it is a place to start.

I’ll make a list right now. Top things that come to my mind and make me happy:

  • Redwood forest trail walks
  • Minnesota, up north
  • Sitting by the pool in the heat
  • Reading
  • Traveling and visiting new places
  • Running and pole and fitness
  • my friends
  • Micah
  • My family
  • my job
  • learning
  • writing
  • photography
  • shopping
  • crafting
  • cooking….

I could keep going but I’ll stop for now. .

So, maybe there are things in that list that make you feel good too. Something you find enjoyment in is what I think brings your life fulfillment. It doesn’t have to be money or a quantity of something. I think it’s things that run deeper, things we can’t necessarily carry with us in a physical form.

Take travel for example. That is probably in the top 5 things that brings me joy. I absolutely love trips and going somewhere new and experiencing different cultures and ways of living, and seeing things I’ve read and studied about. The best way to get a perspective of how small you truly are in this universe, is to travel and explore the world. There is SO much to see and do. It truly makes you feel so minute. It can be a very humbling experience. It is for me anyways, and that makes me a better person overall.

To me traveling brings something greater to the table than just a really awesome selfie and tan lines. You get a greater sense of culture and diversity. You are able to open your mind to new things and different perspectives. It offers you the chance to obtain more knowledge and to experience some of the great things this planet has to offer. In the end it has the ability to shape you into being a better person.

I think things that make you a better human being are also a major part of living a fulfilled and well rounded life. We should never be done learning. Whether it’s educational or personal growth, both are needed for a truly fulfilled life. We should always be striving to be a little bit better than the person we were the day before.

There are so many experiences that shape us, and unless we retreat from the world into a secluded cabin deep in the woods and never speak to another soul again, we never stop changing and growing. I think you need to have a sense of understanding about that if you want to really live life to its max.

I think it involves taking risks. Doing things that are outside of your comfort zone. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Allowing yourself to be happy. It’s hard work, and maybe a little bit scary. But I haven’t had one experience yet, that I really regretted. I have taken all my situations, problems, and issues and tried to see the positives. I tried to learn from my mistakes so I was not to repeat them again.

I feel the need to live now. I’m terrified. But nothing can change hiding back in the shadows. Life is going to keep on moving forward. Time never stops. It’s us who slow down. It’s always at a constant pace. Unwavering. Structured. Permanent. It is us who fluctuate and lose track of the things that were always so important to us.

We lose sight. We hit detours. Shit happens. But every road I have ever gone down, whether the result was good or bad, has been worth it in my life. It has brought me to where I am today which is in a pretty great spot. It just took me a while to realize it. And now that I have, I really don’t want to let it go.

Fulfillment does not come in a one size fit’s all package. I believe it is something each and every person defines for themselves. We each lust after diverse dreams and we should all be allowed to go after what will make us the most happy in this life.  I’m more than happy to welcome you with me on this journey. I’ll be taking it with our without you but with you would be much better. I know I can’t be alone out there wondering what it is I should be doing with my life and where my purpose is. So it’s time I found it. And my dad always told me to do what you love because then it’s not actually work, and it makes you much happier. He was a smart guy and I can put stock into what he said and believed. So here we go.

Each post will be a letter from the alphabet that will mark some type of word that is good for us to experience or have in our lives. Somehow it will relate and I hope you can find positivity, motivation, and self discipline along this journey as well as figuring out the things that truly make you happy in your world and what it will take to make your life feel fulfilled. I hope you can build a better life for yourself because ultimately that’s what is most important.

You’re amazing if you’ve read this far.

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts. I’d love to have some conversations.

Take care my lovelies. We shall talk again soon.

❤ Truly,


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