Daily Prompt

Sparkly Little Glitter Pieces

I used to have this glitter covered crown when I was a little girl. I remember the first time I saw it and how beautiful it was. In my mind, it was as bright and sparkly as the midnight winter sky. I believed that each and every speck of glitter was a diamond. I took extra special care of that crown.

But you know what happens with glittered products? Over time, the glitter starts to fall off. I would watch each grain of glitter detach from the crown and slowly drift to the floor. Where it would seep into the carpet and be lost forever.

My beautiful gorgeous crown was steadily wilting.

Changing, right before my eyes.

Glitter was slipping off the crown each and every time I touched it. Eventually it wore away and all that remained were the bones.

A skeleton of a crown that once was spectacular and stunning.

I feel like that crown at times.

So many people have worn me and used me that I have lost my sparkle. All the sparkly little glitter pieces have broken off and disappeared around me. Leaving me with a skeleton of a person I once knew.

But bones are strong. They are hard to break, and can withstand a great deal.

And in the end, it was still a crown, demanding dignity and respect, even without its glitter. I wore it proudly.

❤ Truly,

Lindsey Grace


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