Daily Prompt


The future has a film covering it. Like a thick haze of smoke.

Keeping us from seeing the certainties.

It’s a textbook without the answers in the back.

The future is unknown.

It is opaque.

Unsure of where to go.

Scared to move through the cloudy mist.

Afraid to even breathe some days because there are no ‘for sure’s’ or ‘100% guarantees”.

Sometimes the pressure feels insurmountable.


Like a massive weight so substantial that it turns even the bluest and brightest day, dark and dingy.

I struggle constantly trying to define my life in terms of purpose and expectations versus passions and convictions.

I find myself exhausted.

I’m sick of worrying. Sick of fighting. Sick of controlling. Sick of stumbling around this foggy forest filled with bear traps.

I want to be at ease.

The greatest goal is to allow life to flow freely around me.

Accepting both the good and the bad when they pour over my world.

The end of each day marks a checkpoint, allowing us to advance even further on the craziest virtual reality game ever created.

Game objectives : Learn to take one day at a time. Give up wanting to control everything. Live the best life you can.

This game however is extremely difficult, as generally speaking most of us only get one life, so one wrong move or freak accident and your character is toast.

This only makes the negative things that happen to us more impacting on our lives.

We can choose to let our struggles defeat us, or we can choose to use them as added building blocks in an effort to make our lives better.

Take it all in, learn from the experience, and trudge forward.

Continue on through the fog and the mist with one hand out in front of you while, perhaps, periodically peering over your shoulder to double check your back.

The fog may get thick at times, and feel almost suffocating and unconquerable. This is the moment of fight of flight. Depression or happiness. Death or survival. You either put one foot forward, or you can fall behind.

Put that foot forward.

Take that step.

Then take another,

and another…

For one day the clouds will fade away,  and even though all the answers you’ve ever sought out will be laid out in front of you, what you’ll be most pleased with is the amazingly happy life you were able to achieve.


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