Who am I?

Just a girl who is making big life changes in order to do her best to get everything she’s ever dreamed of. It’s worth trying for. Even if it is scary.

A writer at heart. I’ve been typing away on keyboards since I was 3. I started playing at my parents typewriter when I was just a little thing. I loved the smell. And I loved the sound the keys made when they were pushed. And the ding that would happen when the paper got to the end. Then as technology grew and changed my father grew with it, always adapting and having some of the nicest stuff. I would then get his hand-me-downs. So I had one of the old school 90’s computers as my first computer.

I learned to type on the keyboard by sitting next to him in our office and using this keyboard typing book he had. I was in middle school around this point and when keyboarding class came around I was constantly ahead and bored because I already knew how to type really fast and accurately on a keyboard.

It fueled my passion for writing and creativity (as well as the sims). In fact, even my current career is in the technology world..I work as a website administrator for myself and I’m in the process of building my own business. I actually never made the connection before now. But I have been surrounded by technology my entire life, I’m not surprised I wound up working in the internet or website world.

Like I have said I love to write, it’s always been a passion. If I could lock myself away in a tiny cottage in the woods and have no worries in the world and just listen to classical music and write and write and write, I would be forever happy and in bliss.

I’ve written one book. I self-published it on smashwords. I wanted to see if I could do it. And I did it. And I learned SO much from it. It’s called Vamp by Lindsey Riddell. It’s available on all electronic book devices. The sequel should be completed someday, it’s something I’ve been working on for years, but a very long story. I’m excited to complete that story because I have other stories on my mind and I want to take what I’ve learned from these and use it to make the next ones so much better.

I hope you join me on this journey where I allow myself to be vulnerable. To attach my real name to things I’ve really written and turn away from any negative judgement. I’m ready to start fighting for my dreams. I want to have and experience the best of life.